Overall Progress

As of 30 September 2019

Vital Statistics

On current RMK10 and RMK11 approved budget

50.5 km

Total length of newly built and expansion of road networks

19.1 km

Total length of new drainage system including engineered waterway

32.2 acres

Total land area of new complexes of pubclic amenities

18 times FPSC

Steering Committee meetings since 2014 chaired by The Secretary of The Government of Malaysia

8 Ministries

The Clients and main stakeholders in each packages

21 packages

Completed with CPC and handed-over to Clients

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Approved budget at RMK-10 and RMK-11 for RM 2.47billion

Handover Phase - 21 packages
Jalan Baharu P4
Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat
Sg. Rengit
Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat
Sebana Cove
Jalan Baharu P2
Jalan Baharu P1
Sek. Men. Keb.
Pengerang Utama
Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara
Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat
Kompleks LKIM
(Fasa 2)
Klinik Kesihatan
Sg. Rengit
Pelebaran FT092
Pakej A
Pelebaran FT092
Pakej B
Jalan Baharu dari FT092
Balai Polis
Taman Bayu Damai
SK Sg. Kapal
SJK (C) Tai Sin
Klinik Kesihatan
Bayu Damai
Kompleks LKIM
(Fasa 1)
Tabika KEMAS
Sistem Retikulasi Air
Pusat Kegiatan Komuniti
(6 buah)

Note: Packages under Handover Phase are sorted by descending completion date

Construction Phase - 4 packages
Jalan Baharu P3
Sistem Perparitan Pakej 1
Sistem Perparitan Pakej 2
PPR Pengerang

Note: Packages under Construction Phase are sorted by aescending targetted completion date

New projects to support PIPC at RM 0.4billion

Procurement Phase - 2 packages
Kuarters KK Bayu Damai
Perumahan Transit
Penjawat Awam
Design Phase - 2 packages
Pelebaran FT090
SDE's Directional Ramp
Planning Phase - 1 package
Sistem Perparitan Pakej 3

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